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In the Interest of Public Health, Masks are Requested When Inside the Gmeiner.

Due to current numbers of COVID-19 cases in Tioga County, we are requesting all guests to wear a mask while inside the Gmeiner. Please use hand sanitizer and maintain a social distance of 3 feet, when possible. Your cooperation allows us to remain open!

“About Three Hours from Being Somewhere” 

 An exhibition of works by Chad Andrews in the Main Gallery at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center

Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center, Wellsboro, PA is pleased to announce that Chad Andrews will be showing work that chronicles his imagery development since arriving in the North Central Pennsylvania region in 2006. He works in various styles and mediums with a national/international mindset, translating this perspective through local/personal imagery. “The spectrum of my work ranges from non-objective to photorealism, Pop to installation-based work, as well as a whole host of other mediums, methods, and conceptual directions. In 2016, I declared myself a regionalist that uses a pluralistic approach to image-making. Using pluralism, the multiple truths that happen simultaneously for any given event, I am using different mediums/techniques/styles to depict these multiple truths using the static nature of the two-dimensional pictorial plane. My interest in regionalism dovetails with my increasing awareness of the complexity of the communities around me.”

The title of the show stems from when he arrived in Montoursville in 2006. “Here I am, about 3 hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. I am nowhere but centrally located in the middle of everywhere.” The show is displayed chronologically to see how his growth and mindset change towards the region over time.The show will open on Wednesday, August 11, and run through Friday, September 24. 

Please join us for an artist’s reception with Chad Andrews on Friday, September 24 from 5 to 7 PM.


On display in the Atrium Gallery August through September: “Biophilia” paintings by Melina Lorenz Moyer.

Bioph​ilia-(from bio-, meaning “life,” and -philia, meaning “friendly feeling toward”) the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Coined by the Harvard naturalist E. O. Wilson, he defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”
Often in my life I am drawn to the beauty and calming effects of the natural world. The lure to hike, kayak, and even simply wander out in our own backyards to be with mother nature. My new venture into oil painting was a freeing and flowing way to express and enjoy these emotions. Working in oils on canvas allowed me to layer brush work to tell a visual story of biophilia. I hope you too have “friendly feelings toward” these pieces celebrating the attraction and peace found in nature.

Please join us for an artist’s reception with Melina Moyer on Friday, August 20 from 5 to 7 PM.

The Wednesday Morning Musicales practice at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center on Wednesdays at 9:15 AM from September through May.
The Wellsboro Art Club meets in the Studio every Thursday at 10 AM.
Upcoming Classes/Workshops
The Grand Canyon Photography Club meets on the Second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM.
The Wednesday Knitters are on a summer break.
We accept art exhibit proposals year-round. Send samples of your work and a description of your show to


The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center is a non-profit dedicated to the community of Wellsboro by Arthur J. Gmeiner in memory of his family. We are committed to cultivating the link between art, culture, and community. Our gallery space allows local artists to share their work, while our studio space is a hub for creatives to congregate. We host art exhibits as well as the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild, Grand Canyon Photography Club, Wellsboro Art Club, Wednesday Morning Musicales, and the Friday Club. The facilities can be used by any member of the community for educational purposes.


The architecture of the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center was inspired by the Mid Century Modern Movement of the mid 20th century. The structure stands out from the dominant 19th century architecture of Main Street Wellsboro. Efforts to preserve and enhance the Mid Century design of the building are ongoing at the art center.

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