World War II Memorial

View of the WWII Memorial area between the Green Free Library and the Gmeiner after construction began in May

Thank you helping us to honor our veterans!

The World War II Memorial in Wellsboro was dedicated on November 11, 2002. It is a simple, but profound listing of the names of Wellsboro residents who served during WWII. Those who did not make it home are indicated by a gold star. 

In the twenty years since then, this site has become a little overgrown and timeworn. One of the pine trees has died. Another completely blocks the view of the memorial from the street. The juniper is taking over the brick pavers, many of which have heaved from repeated frosts. The concrete base of the “Tree of Life” statue is crumbling, and there is algae growing on the granite plinths. There is also no easy pathway to access the memorial area, especially for anyone with a wheelchair. 

We want the Memorial to be easily accessible to the public and to be a place of reverence in memory of all those who served. The board of the Green Free Library and Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center oversees the WWII Memorial, and we have come up with an ambitious plan to address all of the problems listed above, as well as to make some changes to the driveway for the buildings that should make it easier to get to all of the parts of the complex. The estimated cost for this project is $40,000. With support from the individuals, businesses and veterans’ organizations, we are sure that we can make it happen!

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Anticipated Project Completion:

November 11, 2023

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WWII Memorial Fund, c/o Green Free Library, 134 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901