Do you like the arts? Enjoy meeting new people? We could use a couple more docents at the Gmeiner! Docents are the volunteers who staff the gallery during the hours that we are open to the public. Docents usually work 2 or 3 three hour shifts per month. While working, docents welcome visitors to the galleries, share a little bit of information about the shows and sometimes sell the art work.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Gmeiner as a docent, contact the docent coordinator, Melissa Taylor, at (570) 439-0133 or glenwhit@ptd.net

Art’s Friends

Art’s Friends is the name of a group that has recently formed from volunteers interested in helping out with fundraising and other projects benefit the Gmeiner!

Members of Art’s Friends will be helping to get the word out about the World War II Memorial renovation project. The next meeting of Art’s Friends will be held on Monday, February 6th at 1PM in the Studio. This meeting will focus on planning our spring art auction and creating “to-go” art packets for children.