Tentative Exhibit Schedule for 2023. Some dates and titles may change.

DatesAtrium GalleryDatesMain Gallery
1/14/23 – 1/29/23“Rewritten Presents: The Life Story”
(mixed media)
1/7/23 – 1/29/23Kari Roslund
“One Common Thread: My Journey as a Fiber Artist”
2/4/23 – 2/26/23Maureen Babb
“Life in Miniature”
(oil paintings)
2/4/23 – 2/26/23Filomena Jack
“The Persistence of Flowers”
(acrylic paintings)
3/4/23 – 3/26/23Partners in Progress
“Possibilities Are Endless”
(mixed media)
3/4/23 – 3/26/23Regional Student Exhibit
(mixed media)
4/1/23 – 4/23/23Sherry Elliot
“Title TBD”
4/1/23 – 4/23/23Mark English
(metal sculpture)
4/29/23Art’s FriendsArt Auction Finale
5/6/23 – 5/28/23Kathleen Schnell
“Title TBD”
(fused glass)
5/6/23 – 5/28/23Margaret Kemmerer
“Title TBD”
and Catheal Weiser
“Title TBD”
(stained glass)
6/3/23 – 6/25/23Michelle Sepiol “It’s a Small World” (miniature horses)6/3/23 – 6/25/23Grand Canyon
Photography Club
“The World Around Us”
7/8/23 – 7/30/23Wade Spencer
“Top Down Tioga”
(aerial photography)
7/8/23 – 7/30/23Jonathon Bond
“Rustic Beauty”
(tempera, oil, silverpoint)
8/1/23Pop Up Show for EMMFEMMFChristiane David
8/5/23 – 8/27/23Josh Crane
“Post Its”
(pen and ink)
8/5/23 – 8/27/23Lillian Mickey Hard
Quilt Market and Quilt Turningby theMountain Laurel Quilt Guild
9/9/23 – 10/1/23Michelle Lockwood “Title TBD” (mixed media)9/9/23 – 10/1/23Steve and Rita Bower
“Finding the Write/Right Word”
(mixed media)
10/7/23 – 10/29/23Arthur Gmeiner
“His Way” (Working title)
(oil paintings)
10/7/23 – 10/29/23Wellsboro Art Club Members
“Our Way” (working title)
(mixed media)
11/4/23 – 11/26/23Michelle Lockwood
“Title TBD”
11/4/23 – 11/26/23Shannon Davis
“Title TBD”
12/2/23 – 12/23/23Wellsboro Glass Historical Association
12/2/23 – 12/23/23Regional Juried Exhibit
“Title TBD”
(mixed media)